21.5 Acres of New Native Woodland Planted in Longford for Earth Day

April 22, 2021

As we finalise our launch plans for The Nature Trust, our hugely ambitious national partnership to reforest 1% of the land area of Ireland by bringing together all the major forestry organisations in Ireland, work continues on tree planting too!

We’ve just completed planting 21.5 acres of new native woodland on a beautiful site in County Longford, and we’ll be sharing photos and a video of the day soon. Oak, alder, birch, holly, hazel and others were carefully planted in a well-planned project that will deliver huge biodiversity benefits in the coming years, as well as sequestering carbon from the atmosphere and enriching the local community. The timing couldn’t be better as today is Earth Day, and we’re reminded again of the fragility of our ecosystems, biodiversity and the danger carbon dioxide presents as it warms our planet.

Thank you to all our partners for your loyalty over the past year – we’ve had a number of moving targets to deal with as the pandemic and rolling lockdowns delayed or disrupted our plans. It’s only with your ongoing support that our work is possible, and we’re looking forward to restarting our partners planting days where everyone can get their hands dirty and plant some trees in the coming months!

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