Our second birthday & plans for 2022

November 5, 2021

We have built on a huge outpouring of support over the past 2 years – from businesses across the country who have been inspired by our vision to transform Ireland into a climate leader rather than a laggard. We’re raised millions of euro and planted hundreds of acres already, and we’re only getting started!

The Nature Trust was established in partnership with the not-for-profit arm of Coillte – Coillte Nature. In order to maximise the impact we can have in the shortest possible time, we are now beginning to focus on delivering large scale projects using funds raised via the Woodland Nature Certificate product we developed in 2021.

We have really exciting plans for 2022 – and we’re going to keep everyone updated here and on the Nature Trust website – www.naturetrust.ie in the coming months. Our vision of creating huge areas of new native woodland forests across Ireland, to benefit communities and the wider country and climate, is accelerating faster than we imagined possible when we launched in November 2019, especially given the minor issue of a global pandemic in the meantime! While we have run very limited planting days, we intend to increase the frequency of these so that all our partners have an opportunity to get their hands dirty onsite over the course of the year.

Please watch this space for further updates on our news and activity, and get in touch with any questions.

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