How it works

Our aim is to make it as straightforward as possible for businesses to understand the emissions that they are responsible for and to offset those emissions by committing to join the campaign to fund woodland creation:

  1. Our simple online tool is used by the business to provide data on emissions-related activity
  2. An emissions score is provided along with a cost to plant woodlands to offset those emissions
  3. Offsets are purchased and Forestry Partners certifies the offsets and details the specific woodland planted
  4. The member is free to use Go Carbon Neutral branding to promote their participation
  5. Members can access educational resources and carbon reduction partner supplier offers

We are committed to achieving the highest international standards of forestry management and certification of our activity. In order to achieve these standards, all forest cover we plant must be:

  • Permanent – we will use a forestry management practice known as Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF) – our forests will never be cut down.
  • Verifiable – we will work with leading national experts as third-party auditors to verify what we are doing and the impact we are having.
  • Additional – none of the activity we are doing would otherwise happen, so it can all be considered additional to what would otherwise be the case.

All planting will be audited by third party foresters and results will be published. We also offer members access to our online platform to track emissions and access educational material. Together we want to not only offset emissions but work to reduce future emissions and minimise the offsets required.