Our Methodology

Our Approach to Planting

The woodlands that we plant are all native, meaning we plant only species that are native to Ireland such as oak, ash, birch, and alder, from seeds that have been sourced and cultivated in Ireland. We primarily plant native broadleaf species and follow the highest international standards for planting and managing our forests.

All our projects are now delivered through The Nature Trust - please visit www.naturetrust.ie for more information.

  • All woodland projects are approved by the Department of Agriculture Forest Service as GPC 9 or GPC 10 native woodland projects.
  • We follow strict Forest Service manual guidelines for all planting, while going beyond the minimum planting and layout standards for commercial woodland planting in order to create forests that closely resemble naturally occurring woodlands.
  • We work with only the most experienced foresters and forestry companies in Ireland, all of whom are Forest Service approved.
  • We consult other relevant national experts in areas such as biodiversity, carbon sequestration and environmental science.
  • The woodlands that we plant are placed in a trust to ensure they will never be clear-felled (cut down), and where the primary mandate is to oversee the protection of the woodlands in perpetuity.
  • We employ a forest management methodology called Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF) to protect and foster the woodlands to become healthy and established as quickly as possible.
  • Our woodlands are subject to regular third-party audits by Department of Agriculture Forest Service-approved foresters to ensure compliance with stated commitments under national guidelines.
  • The details of our woodlands are included in our annual report to ensure additions, changes and progress can be independently monitored and reviewed.