Why Join Us?

After a hugely successful start, Forestry Partners came together with Coillte Nature to form The Nature Trust in 2022. All our work is now conducted on a not-for-profit basis via The Nature Trust. Please visit www.naturetrust.ie for more information.

Looking back at founding Forestry Partners in 2019, we were leading the way on biodiversity and native woodland restoration in Ireland:

No tech/business community has come together in this way anywhere in the world until now. We believe this campaign is the first step to transitioning Ireland to become a global leader in the fight against climate change, led by the private sector in an inclusive, meaningful and enjoyable way while creating a lasting legacy of restored Irish woodlands.

There are a range of direct and indirect benefits to getting involved in the campaign:

  • Align your business with increasing stakeholder demand: staff, clients & the public all care deeply about this
  • Competitive differentiation – be at the forefront of sustainable business practice
  • Generate positive national and international publicity for your business
  • Reduce costs by gaining insight into bad practices, enabling cost-saving behavioural changes
  • Support social enterprise, wider Irish industry, jobs, education and research
  • Have genuine, quantifiable positive impact on environmental protection and Irish biodiversity
  • Get ahead of inevitable legal obligations/regulation and avoid new taxes
  • It’s the right thing to do

This initiative aligns with seven of the seventeen UN Strategic Development Goals – specifically:

  • Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being
  • Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation
  • Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • Goal 13: Climate Action
  • Goal 14: Life Below Water
  • Goal 15: Life on Land

You can learn more about the SDGs here: sustainabledevelopment.un.org

UN Sustainable Development Goals


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