Member Code



1.1 The Irish Tech Goes Carbon Neutral Initiative (the “Scheme”) aims to promote a woodland planting scheme via the Environmental Preservation Trust CLG (“EPT”). Pursuant to the EPT standard terms and conditions, Customers agree to acquire carbon offset quantities from EPT as part of the Scheme.

1.2 This Code sets out the terms applicable to the ongoing relationship between Members of the Scheme and EPT, publicity by Members , and use of the Badge.

1.3 Terms used in this Code shall have the meaning given to them in the EPT standard terms and conditions of contract, unless otherwise defined.


2.1 All Customers are eligible to become Members.

2.2 In consideration of the payment of the annual membership fee, EPT will provide members with the Membership Services and Membership Benefits in accordance with this Code.

2.3 This Code sets out terms applicable to all Members and compliance with this Code is a condition of continued membership.


3.1 All Members undertake:

a. To promptly pay membership fees as part of continued membership and keep personal information updated;

b. Only to publicise the acquisition of any Carbon Offset Quantity in accordance with this Code and any separate communication by EPT;

c. To publish and/or use the Badge only in accordance with the Badge Use Policy set out in this Code;

d. Not to make any statement on behalf of EPT or purport to represent EPT or the Scheme through any public medium, including digital social media, unless authorised to do so by EPT; and

e. Not to do any thing or make any statement that would be likely to harm EPT or the Scheme or to misrepresent either of their aims or interests.

3.2 Should a member fail to meet the conditions set out in this Code, EPT may, at its sole discretion, decide on the appropriate action to take including but not limited to the revocation of membership. Any revocation of membership shall not entitle a Member to any refund in respect of any Carbon Offset Quantity already purchased. In the event of revocation of membership, any refund of membership fees shall be solely at the discretion of EPT.


4.1 Members shall be entitled to the following Membership Benefits:

a. The right to use the badge designed and owned by EPT and connected with the Scheme (the “Badge”), subject to the Badge Use Policy contained at clause 7 of this Code,
b. In marketing and other publicity material, to publicly represent that they have acquired the Carbon Offset Quantity are a member of the Scheme;
c. Subject to availability, an opportunity to access the lands on which the Sequestration Assets are located, upon such terms as may be determined from time to time by EPT; and
d. such other benefits as EPT may communicate from time to time.

4.2 Members shall be entitled to the following Membership Services:
a. Information updates about the Scheme;
b. an annual report detailing the activities and achievements of EPT and details of the external certification or validation of same; and
c. such other services as EPT may decide from time to time.

4.3 EPT reserves the right to amend the terms of any Membership Benefits or Membership Services at any time without notice to Members.

4.4 All other benefits or value generated from or relating to the lands upon which the Sequestration Assets are located shall remain the property of EPT.


5.1 By joining as a Member, each Member consents to the storage and processing of the personal information provided by them to EPT. Members warrant that the information provided is accurate. Membership of the Scheme is non-transferrable and non-refundable.

5.2 Membership fees shall be as determined by EPT from time to time and communicated to Members.

5.3 The membership year runs for a calendar year from the date the member has joined the Scheme. The membership fee shall be due and payable annually on the renewal date.

5.4 Non-payment of membership fees constitutes a breach of the membership contract and will result in cancellation of membership. Any cancellation of membership shall not entitle a Member to any refund in respect of any Carbon Offset Quantity already purchased.


6.1 Membership of the Scheme will be terminated or lapse in instances where:

a. The Member writes to terminate their membership;
b. The Member does not pay their fees within one (1) month of joining EPT;
c. The Member does not pay their fees within one (1) month of their membership renewal date; or
d. The Member has been found to have breached or violated any of the principles set out in this Code, in the sole discretion of EPT.

6.2 Following termination of membership EPT shall no longer be obliged to provide any Membership Services and the Member shall no longer be permitted to use the Badge or to avail of any of the Membership Benefits.


7.1 Members are encouraged to display and/or disseminate the Badge on their website and other digital communications media to highlight their engagement with the Scheme.

7.2 Members may download the approved Badge by clicking on the link provided.

7.3 The Badge and/or membership affiliation may be used by members of the Scheme in good standing. The Badge and/or name may not be used in a way that implies membership or formal affiliation with the Scheme or EPT, unless used by a Member or partner organisation or explicitly approved by EPT.

7.4 The Badge and/or membership affiliation may be used on websites, other digital media and promotional materials. The Badge must link to the EPT or the Scheme’s home page if used on a website. The Badge must be used in its entirety and may not be altered in any way, except with express permission from EPT.

7.5 The Badge and/or membership affiliation may not be used to imply an endorsement by EPT, except with express permission from EPT.

7.6 The Badge and/or membership affiliation may not be used in any disparaging materials about EPT, the Scheme or about another company, organisation, or individual.

7.7 EPT reserves the right at its absolute discretion, without being required to give any reason thereafter, to withdraw permission to use the Badge at any time, in which event the Badge must be removed by the Member from all websites, materials or other items and shall cease to be used by the Member. The Member hereby acknowledges that they will have no recourse and shall make no claim whatsoever against EPT in respect of any liability, loss, cost, damages, expense, claims, demands or proceedings which the Member may sustain as a result of any such withdrawal or removal.


8.1 This Code may be updated from time to time to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate to the needs of EPT and the Scheme. Any updated version of this Code will be available on the EPT or Scheme website.

October 2019